31 maj 2010

Memorial Weekend

For the first time ever we have sort of a garden which we share with the girls living down stairs from us. The garden is only a few square meters, but there is still a lot to do since no-one have really taken care of it for a long time. Anja has been busy the last two weeks organizing the clean-up and reorganizing of the area, so this Memorial weekend we have been digging and planting to improve the looks of the property.

Anja planter blomster omkring huset loerdag formiddag i 26 graders varme.

Weather has been great the past week with plenty of sun and up to 31 degrees Celcius, which we still haven't figured out how to convert to Fahrenheit, but it is somewhere around 90.
After spending most of the day in the garden we decided to go for a drive up to Wilton YMCA to go for a swim. On the way we stumbled upon a nice guy with a classic car for sale, so now we are contemplating investing in a 1968 Jaguar E-type.

Loerdag boed paa lidt af et ekstra-ordinaert loppe-fund, da vi snublede over denne Jaguar E-type fra 1968, som vi nu overvejer at investere i.

It was purely coincident that we spotted the car in the driveway with a "for sale" tag in the front windscreen, and it prooved to be worth the stop. The car had been restored so all the mechanical parts were in great condition. The 4.2 litre engine started emidiately and sounded fantastic with its 6 inline cylinders and 265 brake horsepowers.

At first it was mostly the excitement of seing a classic car live that got us interested, but we must admit we are now considering becomming classic car owners...
To clear our minds of Jaguar thoughts we went to the beach on Memorial Day (monday), which is a national holiday. Most people spend the day with family and friends on picnic or BBQ'ing in the garden. We were invited to Tarrywile, which is a famous house traditionally occupied by (male) Cannondale employees. Tarrywile has always been the gathering place for everyone employed in Bethel and although it is no longer only the Cannondale brand which is represented, the ever friendly and welcoming spirit of the house lives on.
Before driving north we went to the beach to get a long walk in and get a little sun on our shoulders.

Det foeles naesten som ferie naar solen skinner paa en fridag, temperaturen naar +25 grader og man har adgang til en strand.

Livredderen er paa plads i taarnet i ren Baywatch-stil.

After having been to the beach we drove to Tarrywile mansion celebrating Memorial Day with BBQ with the rest of the Cannondale crew.

I am not sure weather it is a new game or just an old addition to the classic frisbee golf, but "polish horseshoe frisbee game" was a clear winner. The rules are simple, each person or team has a pole with a beer on the top. Throwing the frisbee and knocking the beer down by hitting the pole is 4 points, if you take out the beer with a clean shot is worth 5. If your opponent catches either the frisbee or the beer, it substracts 1 point. Who ever makes it to 21 first, wins.

Frisbee spil i Tarrywile haven, hvor det gaelder om at ramme oel paa en stang.

If you look carefully you'll notice Justins beer in the background on its way to the ground earning his opponent 4 points.
Tuesday morning it is back to work, but with this kind of weather and friends like the Tarrywile team, living in Connecticut is like the best holiday ever.
Happy Birthday Samuel!

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