23 maj 2010

It's alive!

Part of the Anja & Morten relocation package was a Volvo which you may have seen some time ago in this post. We have not told you about the car until now since we are still not able to drive it untill Mortens social security number goes through and he can get it insured.
Since we were in Connecticut back in February, the car has been in the parking lot of the office waiting for us to arrive. Even before that time, it was left by its old owner, so in total it has been in outdoors storage for over 4 months. Not ideal for an old car, but with a little love it has turned out be quite the classy car.

We’ve spent the weekend getting the car to our premises so it will no longer have to spend the night amongst the wild life around Bethel, it now has a safe home in our garage. We called upon a trusted Volvo magician to deliver a new battery and then Morten started cleaning and scrubbing with professional assistance from our amazing landlord Randy.

After 2 hours of hard work the car was once again clean, waxed and shiny like new. Well maybe not exactly like new, but Randy who is a long time Volvo owner was quite impressed. Even the vinyl bumpers got a newish look to them after an hour of buffing.

Only issue now is that we have to pay the old owner, so we hope he does not see these pictures and wants to be paid with interest…

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