20 marts 2010

What would you be in the future? (Anja)

As you already know I work at the Swiss International School, Basel. I work in kindergarten three days where the children are three to four years old. The other two days I work in Primary Intro here the children are between six and seven years old.

Miss Kelly is reading a story to the Kindergarten girls

We of course have a curriculum we follow and right now everything is about Easter. Easter eggs, easter stories, colouring, cutting, drawing or even hopping like easter bunnies.In Primary Intro the level is a bit more advanced, of course the children are older and have more living experience.

Primary Intro visiting Basel Natural History Museum

Lately we have learned and talked about the Past and the Present. This week the theme was: Future. What is the future? What would you be in the future? While discussing what we would be, alot of great answers came up among them were a farmer, a vet, a scientist, footballer etc. When asked again one child pipes up and says 'dead.' -chock! He is right, but where do does he get it from? What do you do? You can not do anything but just smile and try to get the discussion back on track. Think of how you speak to others, how you behave- it may effect more than you know.
Smile to the world and the world will smile back at you!

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