09 marts 2010

Fatboy Slim

The great thing about a training diary is that you can follow your weekly progress and keep an overview of your training independent of you being pro or just happy amateur like us. With a simple calendar interface you can keep track of all physical activities and you can compare with same time last year.
Exactly that leads to the conclusion that I have been training on the edge of too little over the last couple of weeks. It is difficult to combine travelling and a busy work schedule with ambitious training, and the curent level of 5-6 hours a week does not cut it if the ambition is making it through an Iron-man in good style this year.

The scale does not lie either, so after two weeks in US and a weight gain of +1 kg, I am determined to put in a good week of training before traveling to Asia on monday next week.
Sunday I went on a reasonably long ride - 70 k and 2.5 hours going out into the strong head wind for an hour before turning back towards Basel. I didn't climb much, but I was happy to go into the wind and my two companions stayed behind in the draft so that was a good indication that the legs are not all lost.

I must admit the increased level of running has a positive effect on my biking. I do not feel it in particular in any way, it is just a feeling of keeping fitness level easier than without the running. As much as I am still not greatly anticipating the weekly run drills, I keep them close to an hour a length and I'll try to go long this coming weekend. Providing the weather is good, right now it is still freezing outside and the wind is atypically strong.

This weeks schedule is:
Mon - 1 hour easy run.
Tue - 75 min swimming with tumble turns and intervals.
Wed - Minimum 1 hour outdoors ride, spinning class or run.
Thu - 1 hour swim
Fri - Rest
Sat - 1 hour weight training + run or swim.
Sun - Minimum 2 hours ride and/or run.

Total should acumulate to minimum 8 hours of training if all goes well.

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