28 februar 2010

Insider info

I wanted to go back to Norwalk today to take some pictures inside the house, but I got stuck at work and had some errands to run, so you'll have to do with the below from the real estate add.

The apartment is the two top floors of the house, 1200 square feet with equals 120 square meters. On top of that there is a large addict are for storage, and with 2 living rooms, 1 bed room, an office, a guest room and kind-of-a porch, there is more room than we could ever use. Hard wood floors and walk in closet is just another reason why this is a great fit for our lifestyle.

Beach is a few minutes away and even though the weather was not great yesterday, you can easily imagine how nice the outdoors will be in summer time.

If all goes well tomorrow we will sign the rent contract and we'll be ready to settle in. We do need to have a quite large check with us to cover first month’s rent and deposits, which has been a bit of a struggle to figure out how to raise. Luckily we have received some generous help so we'll be renting with someone else’s money.
Fingers crossed, by this time tomorrow all should hopefully be settled!

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