27 februar 2010

Tell your girl you are all good ...

"... offer accepted, lease will be drawn Monday."
Looking for places to live has not been easy this time around. We've looked at more than 30 different apartments and houses over the last 5 days and when Anja went back to Basel we had kind of settled with the fact that we would not find the right place to live this time around.

Yesterday all the sudden a new place showed up online which turned out to be just what we were looking for. Anja found the listing on the internet from Basel and asked our agent to go take a look while I was buried in work before the weekend.
Kelly phoned me in the afternoon with a message that she was on site and this place was an absolute beauty and perfect for our needs. Price was right and location close to ideal, so today I went to Norwalk to check it out.

It did turn out to be a very nice place so it took only a few minutes to agree that this was the housee for us. Only challenge was that we were the fourth interested party in 24 hours to visit the place and we would have to put in an offer like anybody else.

Room for a volvo

Tonight at 10:41 local evening time, our dear Kelly wrote us that we are all good, landlord has accepted our offer and 3 Sycamore Street in Norwalk is now our new US address.
All we have to do now is find a way to transfer some money in a hurry, and then we are a big step closer to being heading to USA!

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