02 november 2009


Sometimes an exciting experience is just around the corner. You do not need to travel far or go through a lot of trouble to experience your local neighbourhood, and often it offers more that you expected.
The area around Basel offers some nice trails for mountain biking if you manage to find them. Some are actually great single-trails even though the sections are never longer than a few 1000-meters each.

To find our way we have purchased the Basel Single-trail Map which is a great help to identify the good spots. Once you've found them and ridden the trail, the course is logged in the GPS for next time.

We were out with a few friends and colleagues on a sunny sunday where the temperature reached 16 Celsius. We rode little over 40K and 3 hours to cover a lot of the local trails in the map.

We got lost a few times only to find a couple of spots we will return to in near future. Unfortunately the weather forecast says rain this week, so mud will soon prevails where yesterday there was dry and fast.

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