27 november 2009

Miss DIY

Once upon a time a few years ago Anja won a beauty pageant back in the northern part of our home country. She does not enter those any more so we wont be bringing any pictures of her in bathing suit with a ribbon across her chest. Instead she spends her energy on other things, amongst those a lot of Do It Yourself projects.

Lately the sowing machine has been in action creating our medieval costumes for last weekends Christmas party. This week she has been working on Christmas presents and decorations, so there is pine needles all over the place.

Doing it yourself you need to be careful and use the right tools. Anja did not read the instruction manual for the candles in the Christmas decoration, so when she wanted to attach the candles to the foam-base of the decoration, she poked the small metal rods through her finger instead of the candle.

It went straight through the middle, in on one side and out through the other, so now there is no more DIY for tonight and I am left with cleaning the kitchen for left overs.

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