25 november 2007


Thursday was Thanksgiving Day, a very important holiday in America. Although we have not yet adopted the celebration in Denmark (probably due to the fact that the holiday does not include spending a fortune at the flower store) we can still use the day as an excuse to have sushi.

We went together with our friends from the office, Rachel (NL), Juan (E), Sylvester (CH), Chris (UK), Josh (US), Maria (S) and her boyfriend Fredrik (S). Josh is as written the only American in the party, but since he is a vegetarian cooking a turkey would have been a waste.

Sushi used to be a bit posh in Denmark, but the latest year or so it has become more cheap and accessible even in the province. We both find it delicious and we are happy that there is a good place in town. The fish is fresh, the selection is reasonably wide and the prices are fair. Accompanied by a glass of wine it is actually a pretty nice way to spend Thanksgiving evening.

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