10 november 2007

Dining out

Making dinner is not always as fun and easy at they tell you on TV or in the large number of books we have in our bookshelf.
Ever since we moved to Basel, we have therefore tried to go out for dinner once a week. Normally it’s Friday after a long week, and the local sushi place has been visited frequently.

This week, we chose to go to a small Lebanese restaurant. We went together with our friend Juan, who we get to spend more and more time with. Unfortunately his Danish is not as good as his Spanish, so we have decided to write this post in English. Juan figures on a still increasing number of pictures on this site, so we better make ourselves understandable. We share the taste in wine and sports, so Juan is always very nice company.
Juan’s girlfriend Henna (who is Finnish) is unfortunately for us in India, so we had to have a nice time by ourselves yesterday.

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Now, I can understand!!!!!!!!!!

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Grest, great, great!!!!!!!!!