04 januar 2011

Little Miss(ter) Perfect

We have started the new year with a trip to the doctors office to make sure that our little addition to the family is doing great. After a hectic couple of months, long flights and lots of Danish Christmas food we went for an extra ultrasound appointment to check up on the progress.
The ultrasound showed a good strong heart beat, good amount of amniotic fluid for the very active baby to move around in. Our doctor gave us an 8 out of 8 and used the word "perfect" to describe the condition, so we couldn't be more happy.

The baby has already taken position for the 14th of February with head down and feet up. Might be a luittle triathlete with that pace, activity and preparation. Our little one is working out and practicing another 5 to 6 weeks in here untill the big day.

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