10 april 2010

What matter(s) ?

With the visa approved, we are one step closer to making the move to Connecticut. Next step is an interview in Bern and emptying our apartment, shipping our goods to USA.
This weekend we’ve taken us time to prepare the move by cataloguing all of our possessions in order to have in ensured during transportation. As you can imagine counting all your stuff is not as easy as it sounds. For example, how many chairs, boxer shorts or pens do you have in your house?

Armed with plenty of patience and a good Chablis, we spent the afternoon counting the inventory of our apartment. Among the items, there was a few which lead to a raised eyebrow. How about for example 49 - the number of belts contained in Anja’s part of the closet? Or her selection of a staggering 153 t-shirts? No wonder she has requested a walk-in-closet in the new apartment.

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