09 marts 2009

70.3 - Day 60

2 month status report!

We have now reached the halfway mark in our efforts to complete our ”how to train for an 70.3 Ironman in a 100 days” project. Actually we have passed by some margin since it is now exactly 60 days since we started training. Time for a status report and since we have received a lot of help throughout the last 2 months from non-Danish speaking people we are writing this in a more international language.

Where to start and where to end? Well we have been to the pool tonight so we can start by stating that Anja has made great progress though the 60 days when it comes to swimming. Helped by amazing coaching and fully determined it has been a steep learning curve. We are convinced the 2 k ocean swim will be almost a pleasure for both of us and the training the next 6 weeks will not have an increase in weekly swims.

On the bike with the velo club.

Biking is still something we are missing a bit, not when it comes to short 50-60 k rides, but we have still to do the full 90 k, hydrating and eating while riding in the aero position. On the running side of things Anja is in great shape but Morten has still not passed the 20 K mark. Still some weeks to go, but the number of weekly runs should soon go from 2 to 3 or 4 in near future. Still struggling with knee-pains it is going to be a slow increase in length and intensity.

The right shoes in the right color.

On the equipment side of things we are also doing OK. Anja is ready with swimwear, bike and new running shoes – in pink naturally. For Morten it is not as good yet, a bike is still missing but the rest is covered. We even got our own little BodyGlide deo stick to help us get out of our superb wetsuits courtesy of Xterra.

Rule #1: Don't ever fail on equipment.

We owe thanks to some people who have helped us on the way so far. People responsible for helping with the daily training, personal swim coaching, making our bikes come to live, general good advice, sponsoring wetsuits and carrying goods through customs. None mentioned, none forgotten!

So far – so good we guess. Still time to improve – we are not ready at the moment, but when there is 30 days to go we should be able to say we only need fine tuning of shape, endurance and bike position.
More to come - stay tuned and thanks for the interest and support so far!

3 kommentarer:

AndersB sagde ...

Hejsan, tror nok jeg har bragt den på bane før: vejen til skadesfri løb går over flere og hyppigere træningspas. Alle erfaringer og undersøgelser viser, at skadesrisikoen er markant større ved 2 ugentlige løbeture end ved 3.
Der skal helst ikke gå mere end 48 timer mellem hver løbetur.
Så må du, Morten, justere distance og intensitet derefter.
Det giver en mere skånsom træninsopbygning og du mærker meget tydeligere hvad du kan holde til.
Mine 25 øre ...

Held & lykke med projektet! Det bliver fulgt herfra :-)


Anja og Morten sagde ...

Som altid sætter jeg stor pris på dine gode råd, så jeg har været ude på 15 km her til aften. Imorgen løber jeg så på arbejde, det er kun en tur på 5 km, men det er også rigeligt "tidligt" (07.45) om morgenen.
Vi er tilmeldt Giant24 så kommet til 9000 i Maj. Er der noget du mangler?

Erin sagde ...

looks like you guys are doing great! i'm so excited for you to experience this - how fun, and how wonderful that you're doing it together! you will both be fabulous! see you soon!!