30 januar 2008

Speaking of Tribikes

Now that we are on the subject of Tribikes, I just thought of posting a couple of images of an old design. The PD3 project is a post distribution vehicle developed in collaboration with the Danish Postal System. The bike is thought to be a human powered utility postal vehicle that not only improves on the efficiency of the work, it is also designed to improve the working environment for the postwoman/man.

Ergonomic issues played an important part of the design process since the Danish Postal System is struggling with keeping their human resources sound and well.

We love Denmark for its biking culture, but the postal bikes are outdated and the work load is massive. A growing number of printed commercials, magazines and letters makes it a tough job to be a man of the post. You would think we live in the digital age, but not in this matter. On top of this, the Postwoman/man is a symbol of national romanticism, a symbol of our great cycling heritage.

Maybe this design can inspire some-one out there.

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AndersB sagde ...

2 styr ... 1 til cyklemodus + 1 til gang ... mand, jeg skulle godt nok lige tygge lidt på den, inden det gik op for mig. Men det ligner ikke en ramme, der kan trædes igennem på.
Er det noget, du har været inde over, Morten?