08 januar 2008

Power to the blogging bicycle people

It's about time we bring tribute to some of the people who inspire us in our daily life on the web. Whether it is work related or for private use, these are some of the web pages we log on to follow the life of others.
First of all, the guy and the page which inspired us to make Tusindsmil: Lars “Kanonkuglen” Oppenheuser.
Secondly a tribute to two work related inspirational sites, the bike advocacy site: Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Bicycle Design.
If you feel like buying an used mountain bike in Denmark, go to the site Dansk Mountainbike Klub, which has become almost an institution in the Danish mountain biking community.

Other people on the web that we often visit and relate to are Steen Go’e Ben and Mortens brother Casper Saltoft. Also the weblog Tykkeskolen illustrates how cycling can be a vital part of peoples life.
Last but not least members of bicycle groups on Flickr, who are so kind to shoot and publish images of bicycling all over the world.
We will continue to bring links (also some of the more geeked and sub-cultural) and some of our own images that illustrates the bicycle life, whether it is on the race course, leisure riding or urban mobility.

2 kommentarer:

Kanonkuglen sagde ...

Fantastic... and very glad to have been an inspiration:-)!
Hope life is good in Basel...

Steen Go'e Ben sagde ...

Same here, though i haven't been that good to keep my blog up to date recently, i'll be back sooner than never before... ;o)

i might pursuade Lars to take a roadtrip this spring, going south... ;o)

Cheers - Steen.