25 december 2010

White on grey

It's a whole different world coming to central Europe from sunny USA when everything is covered in snow. It's been a while since we've been making ourselves understood by our International friends, so here is a small post explaining a little in English.
Temperature has dropped to below freezing in Denmark and there is snow everywhere. Its hard to depict in images when all you get is white on grey.

This morning the temperature reached a weekend low as I went for a run. Minus 13 degree Celsius was displayed on the thermometer, and my cheeks were freezing as i pointed my nose in the direction of the wind and started my 10K run for the third day in a row.
The good news is that dinner is just outside the window, so even though it is too cold and snowy to go shopping we will not starve!

Unlike the deers, It's hard to get a grip of the surface in the snowy conditions with runnind shoes, but luckily I was yesterday gifted with a set of these cool Yaktrax Pro snow chains for running by my brothers. Now there is no excuse.

We've learned that the weather in the US is still sunny although cold. We'll see if we get any snow this year so the Yaktraxs can come to use in Connecticut as well. We wish everyone over there who's reading this a merry Christmas.

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