16 juli 2009

Practise pain and suffering

It's time for the final preparation for the L'Étape de Tour, saturday we are leaving for Montelimar to race on monday. When I say race, it is more in relation to the rest of the pack, after todays ride I am pretty sure making it to the top of Mount Ventoux is going to be a matter of getting there more than getting there in time.

After work I did an quick 2 hour ride, going for 60 K and 1000 meters of climb. Its not hard to find hills around here, but within a 30 K radius the tough climbs comes in limited numbers.
I went out and back over the Swiss Blauen, making it to the city of Laufen where i turned 360 degrees in a roundabout and went back the same way.

Climbing is tough, no surprises there, but the temperature of 30 degrees celsius does not make things easier. I just have to face I am too heavy and too well isolated. Guess they got a 3-letter word for that, riming on hat.

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