19 april 2009

70.3 - Day 100

Final call!

Exactly 99 days ago we decided to take on the challenge of training for a 70.3 Ironman, making today our final day of preparation for next weekend. There has been ups and downs, but now with todays final transition training we are confident and excited about going to Alicante next weekend. Let there be no doubt, we are not going to break any records, but just finishing should be a challenge in it self.

Our sunday started with us not getting in ready in time for the ride with the bike club. Morten was busy in the workshop getting the race bike ready meanwhile Anja was mounting cleats on her new fashionable Mavic-shoes. We kept Juan waiting in the office for more than an hour before we left the premisses.

The ride was 60 K flat terrain before a quick transition to 10 K running. The sun started shining at 11.00 so we enjoyd a nice 18 degrees and light winds. We pushed a bit on the road to get a feel for the condition of the legs and to push out a little energy before the run.

Our last power-training was in the middle of the week, so no need to go all-in, but you still need to let the body know you are expecting a certain output.
Morten struggles a lot with pollen allergy at the moment, but besides his hissing and blowing, we got home in good shape. We did not bring the camera for the run, but hopefully you can enjoy an additional couple of images of us on the bikes.

As you might have notised, Mortens bike has magically changed color from Liquigas green to white. More images on that subject tomorrow.

This coming week we are focused on keeping training low in intensity but in the same rhythm as the last couple of weeks. We are going to pack up and prepare all equipment before we leave Basel early friday morning. We have the day of Friday and Saturday in Alicante before the race to test our swim in the ocean, ride the bikes and go for a light run on the beach. The ride course seems to be fast, but the running is going to be tough with parts on the beach and with steep stairs on each round.
Tomorrow Morten is going to get a doctors-appointment for some more medicine for the allergy so we can start sleeping all through the night. Cross fingers there is no inflammation involved in his breathing trouble.

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