09 maj 2009

Something about nothing

Sometimes it's not about bikes or races, training for triathlons or our latest equipment, sometimes it is just about what we do and don't.

Today has been a really relax day with very little agenda. We got up at 8 AM since I had to teach a BodyPump class in our gym. After the exercise we packed a bag to lounge in the park until the sun would stop shining. The weather in Basel is great at the moment, but also very changeable, so at 6 in the afternoon we got a heavy shower.

Until 6 we enjoyed the sun complimented by the sound of streaming river water, birds and the occasional dog.

Basel rocks! :-)

We also made it to the grocery store for dinner, so all in all it was a nice day.

Anja tells me I can't show all these pictures of her without getting in front of the camera myself, so here I am: Wonder why i look so tired from doing absolutely nothing...

Well, enough said, the night is still young, and we have an apartment that could do with a bit of tidying up.
Have a great weekend!

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