27 oktober 2008

Trumbull on the Rize

Trumbull is a small town in Conneticut surrounded by a hilly and forresty countryside, ideal for mountainbiking. Blessed with sunny weather we went to ride sunday afternoon for a couple of hours. We met up with a couple of other riders who happened to know the trail a bit better than my collegue Ron.

Trumbull offers great riding in Typical New England territory, plenty of technical challenges and often with different lines for differnet skills. I tried to follow the locals a couple of times, luckly without any serious crashes. It was my first ride on a 130 mm full suspension bike in this kind of terrain and it handled really well. It boosts the confidence with a bike you can trust and even though my tires were a bit skinny I managed not to crash too often.

Sliding sideways down the big rock in the background, trying to keep the balance.

After three hours of riding it was time to drive back to Danbury. As you can see of the picture these guys have just the right vehicles to go to any kind of trail nomatter the obstacles or surface. I wish I had a army-green Jeep to go to races in.

I am still without a camera here in the US, so I'm happy Ron took some good pictures while we were riding. I did however borrow his camera to take this shot of the bike as a memory to take home on thursday when I fly back to Basel. The bike stays in Bethel unfortunately.