28 marts 2008

Danish bicycle culture on retreat

It is sad to read that the Danish bicycle culture is weakening the last years. According to the Danish Bicycle federation is the reason an increased number of cars in the city and as a result of that, more children being brought to school instead of biking. The numbers according to the latest statistics are:
• The number of children being brought to school gas increased over 200 percent the last 30 years.
• The number of cars has increased 25 percent over the last 20 years.
• The number of kilometres per citizen in an average year has dropped 10 percent the last 10 years.

Depressive reading when you are out of a biking family, even in spite of having two cars. We remember all too well the many rides to and from school, sports and friends. In rain and snow, no matter the conditions, we were on our bikes. If it had snow during the night, we had to dig our way with our cold, bare, frosty hands… Or something like that.
Image kindly borrowed from Copenhagenize

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