19 august 2009

Summer Holiday Part III

The end result of Anjas preparations was definitely worth the wait. I call it the Marilyn dress, not sure if Ms. Monroe ever wore this kind of red outfit, but striking it is.

Inside the church the groom was getting slightly nervous due to a late best-man. Luckily Anja stepped in to kill the time giving Juansi the last kiss as a bachelor.

The bride and groom left nothing to be desired in style and elegance, and the ceremony was equally beautiful. The church was big and bright, fabulous weather and enough rice and rose leaves to go around.

The wedding dinner was arranged at Keuruu down town in an old wooden boathouse by the lake, big enough to accomodate the almost 100 wedding guests. Balloons with happy thoughts and wishes was sent up by the arrival og the newlyweds, and then it was on to the dinner table for a nice buffet.

Everything went really well and it was a day to remember. Unfortunately the bride were not happy with all the arrangements, which I guess was why she all the sudden started throwing things around.

The party lasted until late at night, luckly there was plenty of food to keep the party people fuelled for the wee hours. Apparently Finish night cuisine is the best you can get before a long wedding night!

More to come tomorrow where we'll show you how to enjoy summer holiday in Keuruu area and Helsinki, not to mention our great days with family and friends in Copenhagen.

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