18 august 2009

Summer Holiday Part II

The day of the wedding we woke up to great weather and a great view from our hotel room. The Keuruu area is dominated by lakes, lakes and more legs with narrow strips of land between. The water is fresh and clean and when the sun is shining and the birds saluting you good-morning, there is not much to do other than start the day with a smile and a deep breath to take it all in.

Since I do not need the same amount of preparation as Anja, I was able to investigate the wonders of the Finish beaches while she was busy showering and getting her dress ready.

Don't you just love being a man?!

Eventually I did however mount my suit and we were off to the church. The handsome gentleman on the right is actually the groom which often features on this blog wearing tight lycra. What a change a shirt makes!

Join us tomorrow for part III where we will reveal the bride's dress, wedding vows in no less than three languages and a couple of intimate details from the wedding night...

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