14 februar 2008

Half a man - Ironman

Its been on our mind for a long time - being able to go the Ironman distance. Some of our friends are either planning on doing one or have already been there. Our good friend Juansi is one of those in the planning stage. His first challenge is a half-Ironman in August, for which he is now training.

For those who might not know the term Ironman, here is a quick guide: First you do a 3,86 kilometer ocean swim, followed by a quick transition into 180,2 km bike ride finishing off with a Marathon distance run (42,195 km). No intermissions, no help, just you against the clock and your self. Sounds good hu?

Juansis goal is to finish in reasonable time and get through without break down. We are trying our best to get him in shape, at least for the ride. One day we might follow his example...

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