20 december 2009

Winter Wonderland

It's a whole different world coming back to central Europe from Sunny Taiwan. Temperature has dropped to below freezing and there is snow everywhere. On a saturday afternoon you can catch a quick image of the Rhine between the snowflakes with you iPhone, but all you get is grey on grey.

This morning the temperature reached a weekend low as i rode to the office to fetch a MTB. Although the sky was blue, -13 Celsius was displayed on the thermometer, and my hands were freezing just from the 5 K through the city. Luckily I had brought all the clothes our wardrobe had to offer, so I was back in black on the trails of Allschwil Forrest.

I borrowed a bike since mine is under construction and this one was fortunately set up with a nice SRAM X.X drive-train.

The forrest was beautifully decorated with snow glittering in the sun. Although i was riding very slow I still got some exercise during the 2 hours I lasted before heading home.

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